Dear TMPC Family and Friends,
It has been an honour to serve as the Pastor of TMPC since 1992. We arrived with 4 young kids who are now grown, married, and taking care of our 11 grandchildren. After these many years of working in the church I am handing in my resignation to the church today. I will be making an announcement today at both services. We will still be in church for another couple of months as we comply with the PCQ guidelines for resigning from the church. More information will be made available as this process moves forward. There are some of you who are still not able to return to church yet so I thought it best to put something in the newsletter as well.

Times change, churches change, relationships change, but the gospel of Jesus Christ remains the same. Between my ministry and George Bartle who was before me, TMPC has had 50 years of gospel ministry. That is a rare thing these days and we should thank God for his gracious provision as we pray for his continued oversight of this church and the continuing ministry of the word. There is always more work to be done and it is our prayer that the work of the gospel will continue to expand through this church, in the mountain community, and beyond.

Over the years we have come to know many of you, your children, and your grandchildren and we trust that God will continue his faithfulness to you long into the future.

Thank you for the call extended to us that has enabled us to serve in the Lord’s church these past years.

Sincerely, Kim and Sandi Dale

Stuart Geissmann passed away last week. There will be a memorial service in the church within the next two weeks. We will notify the church when we have more detail.

As I mentioned above, there are some people who have not been able to get back to church yet because of health concerns or other issues that have been brought on by changed schedules as a result of the virus. Please do not hesitate to contact myself, Dave Mugridge or one of the elders if you would like a visit. Decreased social interaction may be a good thing to do right now but don’t get to the point where you feel cut off from family or friends. There are people who would be glad to come by for a visit.

Pastor Dale